The Coolest Armor of Minecraft


This going with the theme of tools! It is armor. Most items that are used in in tools are used in armor because of that I am going to assume you  have read my previous post on tools if not here it is. I am going to show you the differences in the armor items and the tool items. Armor can be made with most ores the major exception that proves the rule is cobblestone that can’t be used to make armor. Also how to make the different pieces of armor which is first.

Helmet: This is made with a row of your material  across the top and in the middle left and right squares. Leaving the middle center and bottom row empty. 

ChestPlate:  your material everywhere on the crafting table but the top middle.

Leggings: This has a silly name because it is really pants. It is made the same way as a helmet plus in the bottom left and right.

Boots: This has the least materials with only 4 middle left and right and bottom left and right

When I say the word material you fill it in with the metal of your choice. You can only use metal that are better than cobblestone so iron and up. Also there is a special type of armor called chain mail that you can’t make but you can find it in dungeons, villages, and mineshafts. To make armor you need 24 items of your choice. When making your first iron armor I suggest you should get a 64 (The most you can stack in Minecraft) of iron because it uses a lot of your first iron to make armor. I don’t make gold armor much but it can be done for enchanting. If you are doing anything dangerous or important I suggest using Diamond armor. It is the strongest, most protective, and the longest lasting. A sign of people who are experienced is lots of Diamonds in every thing just like some one who is rich has lots of gold. You put on armor is pt your armor in your back pack the open it if you look next to the picture of your guy there is row of spots that look like pieces of armor. Put the armor there and you will be wearing it.

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