Curriculum Choices

So you may all have read my post on types of schooling last week. Well, since I am just doing kindergarten this year I am winging it;). I think on the whole we are going to go with classical unschooling but right now I don’t think it matters. Since the NerdBug doesn’t read yet I think I am just going to get a good math and reading program. I have had Explode the Code highly recommended so I am planning on using that. I figure that all the other subjects really are secondary to reading. In other words, he probably needs to learn how to read before we jump into science, geography and history. Now the math program is giving me pause. I was a huge math geek in school (I know everyone is shocked;) and I used Saxon a large portion of the time. But, I have heard in the last few years that the Saxon program is faltering. A program that I have heard great things about is Singapore Math. It appears to be highly logical so it naturally appealing to the NerdParents. But, the Well Trained Mind seems to have concerns but Sonlight seems to like it. The Well Trained Mind seems to question wether kids are ready for such a logic based approach so young. So I still have questions that I am researching and asking advice for.
1) What math programs do you recommend?
2) Am I doing harm by waiting to introduce other subjects?

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