Duh, the Republican party isn’t Christian!

I have been seeing articles on David Kuo’s new book, Tempting Faith, and other articles on Tucker Carlson’s statement, elites in the Republican Party have pure contempt for the evangelicals. My response to all of the “revelations”? Duh! The Republican party isn’t actually Christian. Are they more Christian than the Democrats? Of course, but Christian doctrine isn’t the total driving force behind the party’s actions. Do I think that Dobson, the Christian Coalition and all other Christian groups are naive enough to blindly trust the party. I hope not. If they did, why wouldn’t their groups just be part of the party? All political party’s play political games. Of course we are a pain to the Republican elite. The Republican elite are interested in the Republicans winning above all else. It is understandable that they cater to the Christian right, we are what has placed them in power, but they resent that a little. Did these articles tell me things I liked? No. Were they suprises? No. Will they change how or if I vote? Never, I know what the other side holds is more than a little resentment. The Democrats will implement more anti-family measures and spend more tax money than any group of nonChristian Republicans ever will.

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