Easy and Cheap BBQ Chicken Thighs

Ok, here is another easy and delicious recipe for the summer. Now I need to preface it with the fact that the Nerd Family is not the biggest fans of BBQ sauce. So I have needed to employ other flavor and moistening techniques. So I take cheap boneless chicken thighs(preferably with the skin) and marinate them in just plain old bottled marinade (I use Lawry’s Garlic and Herb). Now before everyone starts sreaming about dark meat being bad for you. Because dark meat has a little more fat it doesn’t dry out like a chicken breast. Also you can get thighs at a fairly low cost. So leave this to marinade and go heat up your grill. When it is nice and hot take a old dishcloth or cheesecloth and roll it up lengthwise so you have a nice bone size towel. Then dip it in a little oil and use your tongs to rub it on the grill. If not the thighs will stick pretty badly. Cook about 7 minutes on each side (checking for doneness). During that time you can make Quick and Easy Aspargus and put a little bread on to warm. Voila, you have a great and easy meal that didn’t heat up you house!

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