En Mi Casa by Sing-A-Lingo

Who doesn’t want their child to learn a new language? I know that I want my children to develop that part of their brain that is tied to foreign language. And nothing seems to help stuff stick in my children’s heads like music. So I was excited to receive a copy of En Mi Casa from Sing-a-Lingo.

En Mi Casa is all in Spanish. The cd case has all the words listed in both English and Spanish. The music is super catchy and my kids, who had never heard Spanish and didn’t have the words in front of them, loved it!
A problem we did have was since I hadn’t made copies of the words (and not all my kids could read) only 1 kid could really work on learning the words. I think that we are going to order the same cd in English so my kids could learn all the words in English first. That was my only problem with the cd. But if we had already been working on Spanish I would just make sure that their vocabulary words matched up with each song.
I think that Sing-a-Lingo has a great program going here! I enjoyed the music and it helped refresh my Spanish from high school. If you or someone you know is learning Spanish I highly recommend En Mi Casa!
(This post was written as part of a program for Family Review Network and Sing-A-Lingo,

who provided the CD for this review)

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