The Final Champs

We are getting the final 2 chefs to move on! This week we have Jodie Adams, Rick Tramonto (whom I believe was on Top Chef when they were in Chicago), Maria Hines, Debbie Gold and Susur Lee.

We are kicking into the quickfire with the legendary fruit plate challenge. The winner automatically moves on to the winner’s round. I think with Susur Asian background that he will have the knife skills to impress. Jodie seemed to go well. Debbie’s was looked at as simple. I never am quite sure what they want in a fruit plate. Rick’s plate looked pretty but basically just fruit presented plain. Susur seemed to get slammed for not having a focus. He only got 2 1/2 stars. Jodie won with 4 starts so she went straight to the champion’s round. She still got to compete in the elimination challenge to earn money for her charity.
Their elimination challenge was to modernize the family meal. They are going to server it to the cast and crew Modern Family. They get 4 hours in their kitchen to prep before they have to go to the lot. I did not realize that Rick Tramonto is Gale Gand’s ex-husband. Hmm. He is making something with sausage. Debbie is modernizing the pork chops and applesauce with pork belly. Maria is doing a salmon dish. Susur is still fuming over his loss. He is doing a curry chicken and a vegetarian dish. Jodie made a braised chicken thigh.
Maria’s salmon seems to have gone over very well. Susur’s dish goes over well but… it is a bit exotic. Rick’s truffled escarole soup sounds really good. It seems to be the most traditional but not very modern. Jodie’s wasn’t a huge crowd pleaser. It was heavy and muddled. Debbie’s looked pretty but an apple butter with slaw is a bit sweet.
Rick got called on his dish. That the truffle oil didn’t make it modern. Susur said he had toned down the heat. Which everyone else seemed to be shocked at. Debbie succeeded in making it modern but it was too sweet. Maria’s dish seemed to be good. But Jodie admitted her dish was a little salty.
In the end Susur won! But Maria got really close!

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