I was chatting with someone at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago so of course the subject of kids came up. She said how many kids she had and I said about mine. Then she asked where my kids go to school. I simply replied, “They are homeschooled. Where do your kids go?” like it was a totally normal school and lets move on. So she told me where her kids went and came right back to the homeschooling;).

I got the “Wow, you homeschool? That is great. I mean I couldn’t do it, but its great.” which I always find mildly annoying. I mean, I didn’t ask you opinion but stated a fact. But overall it isn’t a big deal and I do like talking about homeschooling to the uninformed;). So she asked all her questions about how much school they do and if I am qualified to teach them. Then she asked about their testing.

Now I don’t really test my kids. I may drill them every once in a while but there really isn’t any testing or grading going on. I know some homeschoolers do but at this point I don’t really feel the need. I correct their homework and make them fix their mistakes. We dialog about books, history and science concepts. Over all I feel that I have a firm grasp on where they are at, their strengths and their shortfalls.

So as I explain to the nice lady, she of course has questions. “So how will they ever learn to perform on the spot when they have to be tested?” And it hit me! My kids do get quizzed and tested. By who? All those well meaning people out there who like to quiz them for me;). You know who you are. The person who asks me if my kids are learning math, then thinks it is cute to turns to the kids and starts doing math drills with them. The well meaning at church who decides it is their job to quiz them on what ever they are studying. Or the random person who starts pointing to words for the kids to read right after I say my 5 year old is reading. Because obviously I am unclear as to what the word reading meant.

So thank you people, both strangers and friends. I now realize that my kids are being quizzed, tested, graded and evaluated constantly. Just not by me. But no fear! They are passing with flying colors;)!

6 thoughts on “Evaluation”

  1. hah…good point that I’ll have to put in my back pocket.
    We’ve had the same, of course. Don’t all homeschoolers? One acquaintance (former ps teacher) said: “But you do need to report to the state somehow, some way..right?” Of course, I was thinking about her manners, but she was worried about my kids being tested. (This was in the grocery store parking lot, for goodness sake)
    It doesn’t seem to occur to lots of folks that we love our children, we want the best for our children, and we’re not going to compromise our children’s well being. That’s an impossible notion.

  2. I grown used to answering all of the questions about qualification and testing, but it really irks me when people try to quiz my kids.

    One of my sons neighbor friends tried playing the “I’m sure I’m smarter than you because you’re homeschooled” game with my son. I had to gently let him know to not even go there. My oldest is a super smart nerd, and I didn’t want the little guy’s feelings getting hurt, lol.

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