Tech Tuesday: Favorite Browser

First off let me admit that I really, really like Google;). I like their products, I like how they treat their engineers (from what I hear), I like Google products.

I, like many people, ran from the Internet Explorer browser as soon as a viable option was available. I have run Netscape (yes I am old) but that didn’t really compete with Internet Explorer in ability so I really consider Firefox the first real post IE browser. And I liked Firefox. It had great extensions, didn’t lock up as much as IR but, there is always a but, it is a memory hog.

Then came along Chrome. It ran faster and more efficiently that Firefox so I tentatively started using it. Then I found it cloud┬ácapabilities. I can sync my bookmarks and access them from any computer. So I don’t need to worry about losing them no matter where I am working. They have a bunch of cool extensions that you can use to make bookmarking, blogging, etc easier. We aren’t even talking about how well gmail works with it (and the awesomeness that is all the gmail capabilities). The one drawback is that the coupon sites still haven’t updated all their coupon printing software to work with Chrome. But I am sure that will come and come soon!

Well now there is a Chrome App store!!! This includes both paid and free apps, extensions and themes. I am so stoked! There are games, VNC utilities, I mean all kinds of cool stuff. It just came out yesterday and I can’t wait to get my little fingers into all the fun!!!

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