Everything Skit

*** Repost! This was discussed last week at my Women’s Bible study and was requested so I am reposting it! I originally posted this back in January of 2008.

This has been floating around out there so it wouldn’t surprise me if you all have seen it. All my MOPS girls have it on their Myspace pages. But I post it for any who haven’t. When I first saw this skit I was a little harsh on it. I saw the Christ representation standing unable to get to her. But upon rewatching, you see Him pulling and when she has fought with all she has and has no more He intervened. Be prepared to shed a tear. I have every time I have watched it. Christ is waiting for us and our focus to be on Him. When it is and we use our strength to move towards Him, He will do the rest we need.

**Warning: this deals with real issues, not in graphic but obvious imagery. So don’t watch with kids unless you are ready to answer a couple of questions.

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