Family Views on Blogging

I answered EightyMPHMom’s Monday Mingle questions about what different areas of your family feel about your blogging! Family, if you are reading this please comment;)!!!

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  1. What great answers! I have just changed the way that I am posting – I was a MeMe Queen because it was easy – but have since started putting more of my thoughts and feelings with the world – my comments and interaction on social media have really increased. I think you would be surprised to see readers really do what to know what you think.

    Have a great week!

  2. People often think that I am ALWAYS on facebook, but what amazes me is their inability to do something that I call MULTITASKING. I don’t know about you, but when the dishes need to be done I am entirely capable of writing a status, or a comment, and then WALKING AWAY.
    It’s like chewing gum and writing a letter. Can you do it? i betcha you can.
    How can constantly writing and constantly reading be a bad thing?

    I can tell you for sure, I really really want to hear what you say.

  3. Your parents are on Facebook?!?! I would totally freak. LOL about being on Facebook all the time. My kids tesas me about Twitter. LOL

    Unless they blog, I don’t think people get it, ya know?

    Love that your husband is so supportive. *fist bump to him*

  4. Sorry this is a day late, we had a big storm here on Monday and my Comcast was having issues….that being said, well done. I absolutely agree that if you come and lurk and never comment you are part of the problem. Besides comments are so satisfying (so long as they’re clean and not MEAN). And it might surprise you what putting some of your thoughts down might do. I think everyone wants to feel connected in some way to the trials or joys going on in your life so long as they are not the only thing you talk about. It’s a fine balance….one I probably still to master, hehehe. Nice to to meet you 🙂

  5. I’m noticing a theme of kid’s loving the mom’s blogs. It’s going to be their world so why not? I’ve thought of having the kids write their own pretty soon – when they can spell by themself. I think it would be a nice thing to add to homeschool.

    You tell those lurkers! Yea. That’s right sister!

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