My Favorite Minecraft Books



These are 2 of my favorite series of Minecraft books. I like reading Minecraft books to help with all those things you can’t figure out on your own. And they are just fun to read! The only place to learn about mods with out just surfing the web is to read Minecraft books. Not that surfing the web is bad it’s just that the books are a much easier way to find the information and they have sites that can help you further.

The Minecraft Handbook series by: Scholastic

This is the official Minecraft book series. It will show you how to do every thing from starting out on a new world to making complex redstone machinery and cool houses. I love them and I think that anyone could benefit from reading these books.

The Minecrafter series by: Triumph Books

This series is more about awesome buildings, mods, and neat tricks. And they have all the essentials to! These are a great read and a lot bigger than above. I sincerely advise it to every one.


I love these books and hope these help you further your Minecraft experience. Want more Minecraft and me? Check out my post on How to Change Your Minecraft Skin.

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