My New to Me Computer

NerdPie and her new Yoga Pro 2!
NerdPie and her new Yoga Pro 2!

I have been looking for a computer for a while so when my mom gave me her Yoga 2 Pro  computer it was a dream come true. If she hadn’t done that I would of had to save for a year and my new Yoga is hundreds of dollars above what I was looking at. This computer has every thing I wanted: a touchscreen, a webcam, and Windows 8.1. 

I have started to do some graphic designing so I can use my computer to further my career. With my new computer I can play with one of my siblings on Roblox or Minecraft. I’m going to be writing more for the blog and have started  Minecraft Monday. I even get to play tablet games since it has a tablet mode!  I’m excited to be writing more so see you soon!    


(Disclosure and notes from NerdMom:

I received my new Yoga Pro 3 from Lenovo as part of the Lenovo Insiders program #LenovoIn and the #YogaMyWay program! I have never seen my daughter quite so excited. She had been looking at a variety of ultra books and hadn’t even dreamed of getting a full computer. She is also loving the tablet aspect and has downloaded (and been playing) a bunch of tablet games like Minion Rush.

She was already planning on saving for over a year so she could buy herself a simple chrome book and now she has more than she dreamed! Thank you Lenovo Insiders for helping me to give my daughter such a great blessing! )                                                                                       


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