Fill out Your 2019-2020 California Private School Affidavit (PSA) with Me

It is that time again for private Californian homeschoolers! It is time to file your Private School Affidavit andthis year I actually file my PSA with you! If you independently private homeschool in California you need to file an affidavit every year with the State of California. It is a super easy process! Join me while I file mine!

Go pull up your affidavit and file with me!

25 thoughts on “Fill out Your 2019-2020 California Private School Affidavit (PSA) with Me”

  1. Hello sorry but may I please ask what kind of paper work do I keep on file? Just a bit confused my first time after 5 years with a charter school just need help.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. I had filed an affidavit about 12 years ago when I was homeschooling my boys…haha. But now, need to do it again for my 10th grade daughter:) Is using the same name and info gonna be ok since it’s been so long?? Thanks!!

    1. You just need to fill out the “Prior Year School Information” to the best of your ability and don’t stress if you don’t remember. It really is meant for changes to a continuous school.

  3. Hi! What if I want to start now with homeschooling in the middle of the year? Do I have to wait until October for that 15 day window to turn in my affidavit? Or can I do it online now and start?

    1. You can do it online and start now! You just wait until October 1 to fill out the next academic year’s.

  4. If I am planning to start homeschooling this year and the academic year begins mid-August, do I fill out an affidavit before beginning or wait until October? Thank you for EVERYTHING.

  5. Hi !! Thank you for your amazing information!! So this year with all this going on I have three kiddos one starting first one starting 6th and one starting 8th so when should I pull them out of school ? They are still in a LAUSD school so should I just wait till October?

    1. I would pull them out now! If the district pushes about an affidavit you can fill one out and another in October.

  6. if my son is in school and i want to pull him out do i have to show the school the affidavit to pull him out? or can i just say i am going to be homeschooling?

  7. do you follow what your school district is teaching and what they should be learning or do you just teach what you think or buy your own curriculum?

  8. okay thank you! did you teach your kids the new math way? that core math? my son is in kindergarten and he was learning the core math and i didn’t get curriculum that has that and its kinda stressing me out.

  9. I used Singapore for elementary and I don’t know if it is common core. You don’t have to use common core if you don’t want to.

  10. What if I homeschooled last year (and filed!) and this year I was late in filling my PSA online, but it allowed me to recover last year’s PSA and successfully file it online anyway on Oct. 30th? Are there any consequences? Is there anything I should do to make sure everything is okay? I got a confirmation saying that I successfully filed it online for 2020-2021, but I’m scared that I will be in trouble for not filing it between Oct1-Oct15! (In my head I thought I had the entire month). My anxiety is going through the roof! Please and thank you for your time and help!

  11. What if I homeschooled last year and this year I was late in filling my PSA online, but successfully filed it online anyway on Oct. 30th? Are there any consequences? Is there anything I should do to make sure everything is okay? I got a confirmation saying that I successfully submitted the PSA 2020-2021 online.

  12. Hi I am going to be homeschooling I know we need file the psa but the site is down until oct
    My son starts school the program he is in now currently sept I am going to be withdrawing him but when they ask what school he will be attending what do I tell them? Because the homeschool name I have decided on I will have note filed the psa and with this name yet for there closed until oct. Do I still provide the name and my address ? Will they want a coy of this psa as well? The school I will be withdrwing him from?

    Thank you

    1. First off, basically, you are telling them (because it is the end of the year) that your students aren’t returning to that school. They will be going to a private school in the fall and you want a copy of the student’s records. The name of the school is “Whatever you will name it on the psa”. That is it. You are not actually withdrawing or transferring your student because the term you agreed to send your student (the school year) is over. The private school department of the CDE told me last year that it is nice and considerate of you to even tell the school.

      If they push about the PSA… Remind them you are not withdrawing your student but just not returning. And that they should know that the period to file doesn’t being until October.

  13. Hi, if I withdrew my child from a charter school in April, can the school district require me to provide them with the PSA?

    1. They could have asked about it last year. Usually, they don’t ask the next year. But they may want the name so they can look it up on the State provided look up tool.

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