Back to School with the Jetson Scooter

We have hit a new milestone here in the NerdFamily. NerdPie has dual-enrolled in college. Going from homeschooling it has been a real change as far as getting around. She is getting dropped off 3 days a week but then takes the shuttle and then the bus home. This made me start to think about things that can help her get around while saving her time and energy all while schlepping it in cars, busses, and classrooms. At the same time, this opportunity arose with Best Buy to be compensated for writing a post about an electric scooter. So it is a great opportunity to include you in my research. 

A friend of ours suggested that she learn how to ride a skateboard. But I know that I am not the most coordinated person in the world and that little apple didn’t fall far from the tree. But an electric scooter…. That requires less multi-tasking coordination. 

Enter the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter. I had no idea that the electric scooters had gotten so cool while being durable and lightweight. The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter has a 250W battery that can go a total of 18 miles before it needs a charge. That could get you to and from a bunch of classes before you settle in to get some studying done. 

You could soar across campus at up to 15 miles an hour but have no fear, the disc brakes can stop you in short order.  It has solid tires so they won’t go flat and will take the random bumps and rocks seamlessly (but buy protective gear just in case, ok?). When you get to class or the bus the Jetson Quest folds up and stows under your seat. So you don’t have to fight with getting that bike into a bike rack if they even have one!

If you have been wondering what to give your college kid (or even high schooler) to help make their lives easier then you must check out the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter from Best Buy!

(This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own. I wish I would have had something like this in college myself!)

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