Toy Story 4 Is Out!


Hey guys! It’s Nerdpud, and today we’re talking about Toy Story 4. I really like this one more than any of the other ones. One of my favorite things about it was how it embraced time passing and that things don’t stay the same. I also liked how it doesn’t sugarcoat that it can be hard to move on and things changing isn’t always easy. Now to discuss the actual story. In the beginning of Toy Story, A kid named Bonnie finds a box full of toys, and Andy,being a good person, lets her keep all the toys. Then we see a couple of years later, when Bonnie is going to her first day of Kindergarten. There she takes some craft supplies and, being lonely, creates her new best friend, Forky, out of a spork, some glue, googly eyes, and popsicle sticks. Then Forky thinks he is just trash and tries to throw himself away, while Woody tries to stop him along side his friends. The main basis of this one was showing that it isn’t just about the toys, but about caring for their child, no matter where they go. I really liked this one more than the others because it is relatable for people with younger siblings. I myself am a youngest child, so I cannot directly relate to this, but I do understand how it could feel like all the love goes to the youngest, and there is no love left for all the others. I also really liked how they explained why Bo Peep wasn’t in Toy Story 3, and I think they did a good job of pretty much ending the series of the beloved Toy Story movies.

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