First Woman VP?

I have to say that I wasn’t very familiar with Governor Sarah Palin before this afternoon. Frankly, because I have 4 kids and went a got a haircut, I still haven’t done a lot of research on her. But, what I know I like! There are 2 issues I have already heard of.

First, it appears some of the Mommy Wars are starting. In one of my homeschooling groups a message was posted that you can’t be a good mom and balance it all. She was disappointed in the Republican party for picking someone who would be neglecting her family. There was no proof that she neglects her family. Apparently she has her baby with her and has it well under control. I think that it would be a shame for women to start slinging this issue around. While I stay home I think everyone has different situations that work well for them. Do I believe that on the whole everything goes better if mom stays home? Sure, that is why I stay home. But, I only make my own choices and even those are based on today’s circumstances. If things change so may my actions.

The second issue I have bandied about is her lack of experience. I haven’t looked at her complete resume but…Being the governor of Alaska seems to be better experience than being a junior senator. And that is their candidate for President, not vp.

The last issue is a woman in leadership. I DON’T CARE. I want to see the right person for the right job, regardless of sex.

For the first time I am looking forward to the Vice Presidential debates. She is going to wipe the floor with Biden;).

NerdDad reminded me of the Cheney/Lieberman debate. I did look forward to that but not in the same way. I looked forward to Cheney but Lieberman was too boring to look forward to. While I don’t like Biden , he is entertaining (like a train wreck or the show Wipeout).

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