Frugal Friday: Grocery Shopping

I have some very basic grocery shopping tips. First, make your menus so you know what you will be cooking. Second, always shop with a list and stick to it. Third, shop loss leaders (super sales) and match them with coupons. For example, Vons often has special sales on cake mixes so save all your coupons for those times only. If you go to a store with a free kids cookie, do it but decide about it before the kids ask. That also is the rule with the shopping. I never buy something BECAUSE my kids ask so they don’t. They will ask if it is on the list but never beg for anything. For those of you who think that will happen “someday”, someday has to be today. My kids are 6, 4, 2, and new and the 2 year old is already learning about begging and crying. I will blog more about shopping with kids another time. So there are my frugal shopping tips. Shop in good health.

UPDATE: For further clarification, I was thinking about comments that had been made about my kids expressing their desires and so I asked my 6 year old what he thought. I didn’t realize how much he does ask because I answer it based on everything and not just his asking but he knows that a fit won’t work. I will just say no and that is it without having to justify myself and actions to my kids. For example, I said make the free cookie decision before they ask so you don’t have to hem and haw in front of them about it. Usually I will let them have it (and even mention it before they do) but sometimes I say no. If I try to explain that we are eating early and I don’t think they will eat both the cookie and their dinner, they will naturally argue with me in an effort to convince me that they will. That is what I am trying to avoid.

As far as voicing their desires… I try not to do any shopping off the list (unless it is a surprise sale) based on my instant desire so I am trying to train them not to also. My kids are free to ask me to cook or buy any food any time I am home (and trust me they do) or making suggestions when I am making menus. Nerdbug and NerdPie probably ask me about recipes to make 2 times a week. Also NerdBug knows there are certain things I only buy on sale(like asparagus) and when he see a sale sign around them he mentions it and asks if we can get it. Please don’t think I am a Nazi about it because I am not. I just like to get in, shop and get out and with 4 kids that takes training on everyone’s behalf.

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  1. According to me if we know what to buy when, by timing our shopping perfectly we can save huge amount of money. It’s really something that we need to pay more attention to in order to find those bargains!

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