Frugal Homeschooler: English Teaching Aids

Last week my kids brought their grammar 5 a day with a question. “Mom, what is a superlative adjective?” Well, I was pretty sure I knew but you really don’t want to risk teaching bad grammar (even if I do use it sometimes;). So I started doing a little research. I found 3 pretty good sites that are pretty good! I am linking straight to the superlative part since that is what I was using;). is a good place to define terms and see some usage recommendations.

English the Easy Way is actually a site that is designed to teach English! So everything is in a very simple presentation. I can see the kids using this on their own!

English Club is probably the most comprehensive site. It is also aimed at being an ESL site but it isn’t just for ESL but also for teachers. It has games, quizzes and more. It even has a section for English references for idioms, sayings and slang. Love it!

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