Tech Tuesday: Dropbox

Everyone knows that backing up your data is vital! And in this age of cloud computing (not being tied to one computer) you want to be able to has great mobility. Well, for this issues and more, I introduce Dropbox.

Dropbox is installed on your computer(s) and you place your files right in it. They are still on your hard drive but when you change them they are automatically backed up online. When you sign up you can get 2 Gb right off and more if you have referrals (so please sign up through my links;).

You can log in from any computer and access those files. NerdDad uses 4 different computers and doesn’t have to keep track of a jumpdrive;). I use is on our media computer and both sides of my laptop (Windows and Ubuntu). You can also share files with others. NerdDad and I no longer have to email documents back and forth!

So there is my ringing endorsement for Dropbox and if you don’t believe me, Techzilla also endorses it;). And if 2Gb aren’t enough, you can buy more space!

Make sure you come back next Tuesday to see what free (or nearly free) tech resource I am going to blog about on Tech Tuesday!

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