When you blog you have to be conscious of the feelings of those you write about but sometimes there is no winning. Sometimes the line between “their business” and you life seems to be very blurred and hard to discern. This is what happened to me back in June of this year. I wrote a little piece about my NerdPie and how she saw the marriage situation with my parents (many parents). Well, my mom thinks I told everyone that she wasn’t married when I was born (which wasn’t the case, my mom and dad were married). Well, I don’t think that I left everyone with that impression. I thought I had made it clear that they were married but it wasn’t really the focus of my story. But here is a couple of pieces of the post:

I don’t know how many of you know but I have 3 dads. My mom has been married 3 times so like many others of my generation this leads to many parents;).


But when I tell her my parents were married, she says they couldn’t be because they aren’t married to each other;).

I apologized to her but she said that I was sharing her business (so just imagine how happy she will be with this post). Well, while I see the point I think that it is my business too. I wasn’t focusing on her but on the issues I have to deal with concerning my family and my kids. And frankly it was a cute story (and that was the point;). I wasn’t commenting on the right or wrongness of the situation but I mentioned it to set up the hilarity of the moment.

I guess I find it very frustrating because this is my life story now. Yes, other people framed it and defined it but now it is mine. This is where I came from and it defines various components of me. Where do those in our past loose their claim to our present? (BTW, I wasn’t rude or disrespectful of the situation, just stating how it is).

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