Further Proof against the UN

It is probably not a shock to any of my friends that I feel the UN is a waste of money and time. I now have further proof of that and the many reasons I like John Bolton. I was reading the Jerusalem Post (and no I don’t have time to read much else;) and there is an article on PA banners.

The United Nations is embroiled in a dispute with American Jewish organizations over the funding of Palestinian banners in Gaza, and US Ambassador John Bolton on Wednesday protested the “unacceptable” payments.

The dispute centers on the UN Development Program’s payment for materials produced by the Palestinian Authority for Israel’s disengagement from Gaza which include banners saying: “Gaza Today. The West Bank and Jerusalem Tomorrow.”

How is this helping the world or even the region? These are inflamatory and partial actions taken by the UN. And I will be honest, if you are going to be partial I prefer it is toward my side. But frankly, UN dues are paid by all nations and the UN is supposed to be for all. I say the US should pull out of the UN and send me some of my tax money back;).

Oh by the way, I do have other more serious reasons to leave the UN, but more on that later.

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