Garden Planted!!!

I haven’t had a real garden since I was a kid but I always loved it! Yes, crazy allergic me loved real gardening. Not weeding but growing vegetables. My great granddad use to farm. It was 1 of the things my stepdad and I used to do right after he and my mom got married. So gardening holds a special spot in my heart. But I haven’t done more than a few pots in a long time! I have horrible soil (who am I kidding, you can’t call it soil). I realized just how bad when I attempted to dig into it last year and I failed to plant anything;). So after my horrible failure last year I picked up Square Foot Gardening. I love the idea of growing a year round garden in a 4 by 4 space! So this weekend I planted my garden!!! Yes, I know it is a little late in the season but we went out of town for a few days and I didn’t a brand new garden to die;).

NerdDad built a 4×4 boc for me. Then NerdPie and I went to OSH and got vermiculite, peat moss and blended compost to fill the box. Then I got corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash, peppers, basil and a few flowers to fill it up. It may not seem like a big accomplishment to all of you but… For this fat girl who never has a block of time, this is a huge accomplishment.

Hopefully I don’t kill everything and we actually get food from it;).

8 thoughts on “Garden Planted!!!”

  1. Congratulations! If “brown-thumbed” me has a thriving garden, I am sure your’s will survive! There is nothing like eating fresh food that was grown by you.

  2. That turned out great Jackie! I hope your garden flourishes & produces everything you planted. You will have to let me know how it turns out. I like the 4×4 box idea! 🙂

  3. Gardening is wonderful (when it actually rains off and on). 🙂 The well can’t pump enough water to keep the garden watered and still leave enough for household needs. We are in a really bad drought. Our garden is not fairing so well, plus our soil is not too good either. My husband said we are going to have to do raised beds next year.

    Your container bed looks awesome. I am excited for you and your family. Fresh veggies are sooo good.

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  4. I also plan to start my peas as soon as the snow and ice is gone….Im working on adding my gardening pictures from previous years to the website and hope to track this years garden as well. I truly enjoyed seeing your garden year before last and am pleased to see you have plans for one this year.

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