DeWaxing Candle Holders

Here is the situation: You have tea lights or votive candles that you drop into adorable little candle holders. And those adorable candle holders can be what you use for parties, therefore you are using bunches. So the party, dinner or just burning is over. You then have this little stump of candle melted along the side of your holder. How much fun is that to dig out? As someone who has done it, let me tell you that it is not fun to do with 1 candle holder much less bunches of holders.

One solution that I use is to freeze your candle holders upside down. Now this is not an original to me idea. I may have heard it from Martha Stewart or Katie Brown or some home diva. But it works!!! Then I throw glass holders into the dishwasher to get rid of any remain residue. Easy peasy!!!

I love candles and now I will actually burn them;).

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