Geeky Links 5/7

(Image: Science/AAAS)

Who says that science isn’t pretty;)? This is a picture of the foot and mouth virus. Did you know that it is only contagious for 2 days? (via New Scientist)

How does a $25 computer sound to you? Game developer, David Braben, has developed one. It lives on a usb stick and is designed to use in schools. Super cool! (

I know that I am not the only person who is very interested in Portal 2! It seems to be the hottest new game! Check out the Xbox 360 review! (via The Married Gamers)

Do you remember the Smithsonian Museum asking about the games that everyone thought should be in the museum!!! They have posted the 80 winners! Did your make the cut? I love that Donkey Kong and Pac-man are on the list! I think it is fitting that Portal found a spot too! (via Smithsonian)

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