Hallmark Christmas Fun Giveaway!!!

I recently received some awesomeness from Hallmark for Christmas!!! And now that it is officially December, I wanted to give you a chance to get some too!!!

First up is Tell the Elf Game! I always loved Mad Libs growing up and this fun game reminds me of it. The Elf will ask you a series of questions. Once they are all answered it will tell you a story them all! Elf’ed of course;). One person could answer all the questions but I think it is more fun in a group! Maybe passing it around the car when driving to Grandma’s house? So fun!

We also have Merry Okee. I mean who wouldn’t love Christmas karaoke to begin with? It comes with a songbook and you can sing as your own voice or as an elf voice! That can lure even the most self conscious person into participating!

These are so much fun! We are going to be having a ball with them all season. And how would you like your own set?? Hallmark has decided to give one of my lucky readers an early Christmas gift!!!

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21 thoughts on “Hallmark Christmas Fun Giveaway!!!”

  1. I love our elf that is always up to mischief. We always have a fun movie night eating popcorn & drinking hot chocolate.

  2. We sit around as a family and watch all the christmas movies that come on. Elf, Frosty, Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas…kids have come to love them all so far.

  3. We absolutely love driving around looking at all the Christmas lights and then coming home watching Christmas movies with hot cocoa.

  4. everything lol just today we were cleaning turned on some christmas music and was dancing around with them

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