Healthy Hell’s Kitchen?

Here we meet again… According to the description it looks like Hell’s Kitchen is going lo-cal. We will see how that goes. We will see if the red team can stop the bleeding and do better than last week. We will also see if they are going to just fight, especially after all of Tenille’s anger!

They have to create a 3 course menu that is 700 calories or less in total. The guys split up into teams of 2 to work on each course. Sabrina has taken the lead over all for the girls’ team. The guys seem to have a hard time getting under the calorie count so they couldn’t get to the cooking at 20 minutes left. But the men ended up going lowest at 595 calories. Ramsay liked both team’s appetizers. The girls’ team pork chop looked great but the guys’ pork chop looked horrible. The girls broke ahead in that course. The girls did a fruit bowl with lemon ricotta cream and coconut milk (I think I will be trying it) and Ramsay liked it! The guys on the other hand had an odd egg white crepe thing. The red team very solidly won!

The punishment was that the guys had to go shopping for the new dishes and prep both kitchens so they could open that same day. The girls got to go to Venice Beach and got a sand volleyball lesson. They got to go in convertabiles and get a lesson from Olympian Annett Davis. Meanwhile the guys had to ride this weird circle bike to go to the store, uphill. Robert ended up having to see the medic and then they sent him to the hospital. Robert was not going to be back for service.

Andy right off couldn’t remember how many scallop dishes Ramsay called out while Ariel messed up the first scallops. Then Jim messed up his first risotto more than once. Then Tenille made a huge batch of spinach instead of making it by order. Then Tenille didn’t make enough potatoes and Ramsay yelled some more. He told her that she was crap and so she told him he was crap. They end up cussing at each other and Ramsay tossed her out. He followed her out and they kept fighting. He was trying to get her to stop talking so she could go back in. She ended up going back to her station. While Tenille fought Jim had no emotion. It took him over an hour to get out a risotto and so Chef Scott replaced him on the risotto station. Kevin had to drive Dave and wait on him. Sabrina couldn’t cut up chicken. Andy couldn’t keep track of a table at a time (as in he needed 2) and then cooked it wrong at least 3 times. Sabrina sent out raw pork and under cooked lamb. Sabrina said the customer was wrong. Ramsay shut it all down.

I was surprised that they didn’t finish service. It seemed just a person on each team was the problem and they could have finished. Ramsay said both teams lost and they had to each come up with a person. They guys were trying to decide between Jim and Andy. Then Andy got them going on Robert. Since he missed the service he should be out. The girls were looking at Tenille and Sabrina.

In the end the girls put up Sabrina and the guys asked about Robert. Ramsay said it wouldn’t be fair to put up Robert but if he missed another it would be discussed. So the guys put up Andy. Andy said that he wasn’t used to the system and could learn it so he should stay. Oh come on! Andy needs to get tossed. Ramsay said Jim lacks the passion and kicked Jim out!

The women did better this week so could they be turning the corner? I hope so for their sake. But I think Andy needs to get tossed!

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