Hell Fires Keep Burning!

So we are doing the taste test today! I love this one! Andy was talking about his special taste buds that taste things no one else can. We will see if he can measure up to his talk. Kevin guessed that clams were spinach. Sabrina said tuna but at least it was fish. Andy thought that avocado was boiled coconut. The girls won!

The girls’ reward was to go to Opaque to dine in the dark. The guys’ punishment was to hand make fruit sorbets (including taking fruit delivery) and then to shine the glassware. Dave had to sort frozen berries and Van had to see tons of pomegranate. Their lunches were blended plates of food, like risotto with scallops and duck.

The girls want Suzanne out. I don’t know if they want her out enough to sabotage themselves but they want her out bad.

Then we launch into service. Tenille is doing apps and running the reds. While Andy is doing garnish and running the blues. Tenille tells Suzanne that her scallops are to dark and Suzanne ignores her and is right. Kevin is doing the apps for the blue team. Both teams start well. The chefs have to serve the sorbet palate cleansers tableside. Kevin left Van on his apps while he did the sorbet and Van put up bland risotto. Amanda was on garnish and is messing it up while she is telling Tenille that she doesn’t need help. Andy was coordinating for the team and wasn’t clear as to what was next.

Then we get to entrees in the red kitchen. Sabrina is on meat and Suzanne is on fish. Sabrina tells Ramsay that it will be 4 minutes and Suzanne is ready to go. But then lamb comes back. Sabrina said that she pushed it out to soon because of Suzanne. So Ramsay handed Sabrina the plate and kicked her out to eat it. When someone asked Suzanne what happened she said nothing. Nothing?!?!? You are now down a person and that person is on meat. This is ridiculous. Then Tenille got put on the meat and she said 3 minutes. Then Suzanne said 2 minutes and Tenille called her on it and stuck to her guns. Andy said that he was 3 orders short on mashed potatoes. But they made them stretch. Then Suzanne holds everyone up with her fish and then she messed up the fish and everyone had to start over. Then she starts cleaning up her station while she was cooking. Then Andy ran out of potatoes. Dave ran in got the potatoes ends to make some more. How did Andy not start some more when he knew he was almost short on the other order. The red team’s fish station was sinking quick. Amanda tried to help Suzanne and thought she was finishing a piece of fish and put it up half done. Then Suzanne hung Amanda out to dry on it.

The winner was the blue kitchen because Dave bailed them out. Tenille was the best of the worst. So she had to come up with 2 to put up for elimination. I think Tenille should say the only person who should be tossed is Suzanne. Suzanne doesn’t understand why everyone is mad at her. Tenille ended up nominating Suzanne and Sabrina. But Tenille made it clear that she thinks that Suzanne is the weakest link. Then Ramsay called Amanda out. Ramsay doesn’t like Amanda and I think it is just because she so soft spoken. Suzanne said she was just pushing and everyone said that wasn’t true. Then Ramsay asked is Amanda could win it and she said she could. He tossed Amanda out. I can’t believe he did that! Suzanne should have been tossed!!!!!!

Well, maybe next week. A girl can hope.

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