Hell’s Kitchen – 1st Episode

So I watched the first episode of the 4th season of Hell’s Kitchen. I am a die hard Gordon Ramsay fan so I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me. In a nutshell, it was ok.

The contestants had 45 minutes to prepare their signature dish (which is the opener every season). There were some standout losers. First up was Craig who wears a tall chefs hat that looks taller than him (which of course, Ramsay made fun of). He made this odd dish of Jerk Seared Chilean Sea Bass with a Rum-Raisin Risotto. I am not a chef but… Fish is a delicate flavor, regardless of type, and that can’t handle that kind of sweetness. Maybe if it were a venison or even prime rib, maybe. Rum and Raisin?? That is really sweet.

But that wasn’t the worst. Ramsay said that this next dish was the most disgusting ever and threw up (but I think he throws up once during this part every season;). So if you have a delicate stomach skip the next little bit;). Matt. the “true culinarian”, came up with a tar tar of venison and a tar tar of scallops. Mix into those 2 separate tar tars were capers, pickles, ketchup and white chocolate. I don’t see how any mix of those flavors could be good.

Once again this season the kitchens will be girls versus boys and this time they started off with captains. Both sides did horribly. There wasn’t any food served for over 45 minutes and Ramsay shut it all down before a single entree was served. Now, I am just a mom but you are in a prepped kitchen. How can no food come out for 45 minutes? I can walk into my kitchen with nothing ready and have dinner done in 45 minutes. If I had a prepped kitchen and recipes made for quick restaurant recipes who knows how speedy I could be.

On the boys’ side Bobby, the “black Gordon Ramsay”, stepped up for leadership saying that he could jump in and help others if needed. Wow, did he over sell. Not only was he a bad leader, he was a bad team member. The guys floundered horribly in just starting appetizers. Not only did Bobby not help, he went to far as to say that he didn’t want to jump in because “you got it over there”. Ramsay de-captained him and appoint Lou Ross as the captain. He did a much better job but the guys didn’t even get out all the appetizers. Dominick kept ruining scallops and Jason at the appetizer station couldn’t get any of it right.

Over to the girls. They did better but not great. Their captain Vanessa wasn’t visible in the beginning of service. Ramsay eventually reassigned captain to Rosanne. Then things went smoother. The girls got out all the appetizers but not a single entree.

Bottom line, boys lost and Lou Ross put up Stay at home Dad Dominick and ex-captain Bobby. I was shocked that Jason, who was in charge of the appetizer station, wasn’t put up. Dominick was sent home so I guess we have to endure Bobby and his ego at least one more week. I think it is the reality show contract to keep the jerks around as long as possible. Otherwise, Ramsay really should have kicked Bobby to the curb.

I will see you all next week as I am sure that the action will heat up!

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