Hell’s Kitchen 2/19

Here we meet again for an anger packed episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Lets see how it all goes!

I think the girls are really at a disadvantage since Ji had to quick over her foot. I wonder if they can pull it together this week.

So they off on an unknown field trip and Scott asks if anyone has a heart condition and tells them to grab a barf bag. They are in a meat processing plant. It is pretty obvious that they are going to have to break them down because Scott tells them where everything is on a side of beef. They get back to Ramsay who has big fake cows and a bunch of cuts of meat. First challenge is identifying what type of cut and the second is where it comes from. Basically a person came up and put the cut name on the meat. Then you found out how many (not which ones) were wrong and then the next person tried. Then ones all the cuts were identified they moved onto labeling the cow. The guys ended up winning and Lacey really messed it up and took a while to do it. It was obviously that Lacey was moving labels just to be doing something. Maybe if she would have quit then someone else could have done it.

The guys got to go wine tasting and out to dinner. The girls got to butcher whole sides of beef (duh). These girls are ridiculous. One said it was like a scene out of the Godfalther, please. Then Ramsay arranged for a tasting for the girls of all the ickier parts of the cow. Let the puking begin!

Ramsay said that Hell’s Kitchen will be a steak house (once again duh). The twist is there will be 2 seatings with 1 team cooking while the other team serves. The men chose to cook first. Each team get 2 hours to serve as many as possible.

Now the girls were a little mean to the guys because it took 20 minutes to get the first order in. But that didn’t seem to help. The guys got a bit in the weeds with the salads. Ben sent out 6 desserts before the first appitizer went out. Then they are rushing the steaks so that they are sending out basically raw steaks. It is really going to bite Giovanni because he runs a steak house. Then the guys run out of filet so Ramsay sent Seth over to cut some more. Seth had no idea how to clean a tenderloin so he just hacked the thing. It didn’t help that he tried to hide the waste and Ramsay dragged it out and made a huge deal about it. Ramsay ended up closing down the blue kitchen.

Then it was the girls’ turn. Charlie was the one who messed up the salads wasn’t doing much better in the dining room. He asked another guy to go see if he took someone’s order. Colleen couldn’t remember how many and what kind of salads were needed. But salads did go out with so of the shrimp being partially raw. Back in the dining room Charlie is dumping bacon everywhere on a table. Andrea seemed to be rocking out the steaks but the guys kept bringing back steaks. But Ramsay decided that many of them were perfectly done.

The women didn’t quite finish but it seemed Ramsay called it right at 2 hours where as the guys had more time. Charlie was the worst waiter and Lacey was the worst waitress. The women served the most entrees. So the guys had to come up with 2 people to nominate. Seth was honest that he wanted to pick the best to go.

Ramsay asked Jay who the nominees were. The nominees ended up being Seth, because he doesn’t have the experience, and Charlie because of his execution issues. Then Seth wanted to go down the line and see if everyone agreed. Ramsay wasn’t having any of it. Seth went on and on about why he should stay. In the end Ramsay sent home Charlie.

I agree! Charlie claimed how he had more experience but if so why has he been in the bottom so much? Seth may not have as much experience but that means maybe with a little knowledge he might have done better. Where as Charlie had the knowledge and didn’t do it. Ramsay also said that Charlie was a prep chef and that isn’t what Ramsay needs.

The next episode looks like it will be very interestig so I will see you all next week.

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