Top Chef Finale Part 1 Recap

First off, Leah’s gone!! So would Fabio’s hair be considered a Mohawk? I love Carla’s hair straight. Emeril owns 10 restaurants? Oh my!


The chefs competing in the quickfire are Jeff, Jamie and Leah. The winner joins the finalists in the elimination challenge. They will each have 1 hour to make a dish with crayfish. Leah says she has never cooked with crayfish. Did she not know that she was going to New Orleans?!?!?! That is one of the most quintessential New Orleans’ ingredients. Leah is making a gumbo she has never made. Jeff is making crayfish and shrimp. Jamie is making an actual original dish with some sort of corn cake with an egg and crayfish. I hope Jamie wins!!!!

Jeff won. He just seems so pretentious. In order to make it to the finale Jeff must win the elimination challenge.

They all are going to Emeril’s Delmonico restaurant. I hope everyone pays attention because the dinner often comes into play for the elimination challenge.

Elimination Challenge:

They will have to creat 2 dishes and 1 cocktail each for a masquerade ball that they will cater for 100 people. 1 dish must be a creole dish. The winner of the challenge will also get a car. Shockingly it is a Toyota and not a Saturn.

Jeff is making his own sausage. Carla is having a dickens of a time to shuck her oysters. Stefan is just screwing off. I wonder if it is going to bite him. Fabio was smart studing flavor profiles before he came. I agree with Tom that Carla should have steamed her oysters because they are going into a stew anyway. Carla gets there at the site and only has a third of them shucked.
They are given a bartender to help them but Fabio wants to mix it himself. I don’t know if he is but he wants to. Hosea forgot ustensils to serve the gumbo (and a whisk).

Hosea’s Menu: Duck, Andouille and Chicken Gumbo, Pecan-Crusted Catfish, Hurricane with Grand Marnier and Rum

Jeff’s Menu: Fryed Oyster with Sausage, Crawfish Pot De Creme, Cucumber Mojito

Carla’s Menu: Oyster Stew, Shrimp and Andouille Beignet, Non-Alcoholic Cranberry Spritzer

Fabio’s Menu: Sausage and Rabbit Maque Choux with Grits, Crawfish and Crab Stew with Caserecci Pasta, Muffuletta Bread, Bell Pepper Martini

Stefan’s Menu: Duck and Rabbit Gumbo with Grits, Apple Beignet, Black Cherry and Rum Cocktail

Serving and Judging:

No Tobey, Gail is back!!! They liked Jeff’s Cucumber Mojito. Fabio didn’t have enough heat in his food. They liked Stefan’s gumbo but the roux wasn’t dark enough. Carla used Emeril’s seasoning. They loved Carla’s food! Hosea studied up on the food and he did a real authentic gumbo.

So back at the Judging table Tom commended Jeff on making his own sausage and Jeff said he couldn’t win if he just stole someone else’s sausage and didn’t make his own. Burn!!! I think at least Hosea and Stefan used premade sausage. There was some dissing on Fabio’s food for not spicy enough and the drink was to sweet. Stefan got hit for not deep enough roux and Tom thought he was just a little to clam in the kitchen. When they got to Carla they asked her what they thought. She thought she might have had to much bay in the stew and both Tom and Emeril told her there was nothing wrong with that stew at all. You go girl! (It is obvious I want her to win;) Emeril even liked her non alcoholic cocktail. Gail loved her beignet and Emeril loved that they were fresh. They really liked Hosea’s roux and his gumbo.

According to the judges there was a clear winner and it was Carla!!! I feel bad for Jeff because I don’t think he lost but since he didn’t win he can’t go on. In the end Fabio was the other chef eliminated.

So who will be Top Chef? I think and hope it will be Carla!!! Join me next time to see!!!!

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