Hell’s Kitchen 3-5

So here we meet again for another interesting episode of Hell’s Kitchen. It is almost a catharsis to watch Ramsay loose it. It seems to calm me a bit;).

First off, Idol went 5 minutes into the show. It better not cut off on my Tivo before the end! I am stoked to see how Lacey being on the men’s team works out.

They got taken to an Asian Market. They have 25 minutes and $100 to get everything they need to make 3 Asian fusion dishes. The Red team seemed to form a plan but the Blue were running around a little crazy. The Red team seems to be getting a little sick of Andrea’s controlling ways. Then they had 1 hour to make the food. The editor in chief of Epicurious.com was helping judge this quick challenge with the winners being on the site. So the girls chicken dish was dry. Dry chicken kills me!!! The girls won over all!

The girls are getting an Asian day of surprises. The blue team gets to make fortune cookies and decorate the restaurant with origami. Lacey is ready to lose it. Lacey may have been the biggest punishment the guys will ever get. The girls got to see Jean Phillipe and Ramsay in the blow up sumo wrestler suits. It was hilarious! Apparently Lacey had the origami thing down and the red team got blasted doing a saki tasting.

I think if the girls can minimize the Colleen impact, they can dominate service. Paula’s tuna dish from the challenge made it onto the menu. Giovanni and LA both started off well with the appetizers. Lacey seems to be running the blue kitchen and it is all going well. Jay wasn’t on top of his Wellington but Andrea kept burning them and hiding them. When Ramsay found them he was mad. Ramsay made Robert mad by calling him Bobby. Then Ramsay found all the food Robert had been throwing away and Robert wouldn’t look him in the eye. Ramsay sends Robert out and then gives him a strong talking to. Robert goes from “I want to make you proud” to “Bleep you”. Andrea couldn’t seem figure out how long she needed and was just a mess. Then Jay was just blowing the meat. He forgot an order. Then red team sent out a raw dessert. Then as Jean Phillipe walks up with something else to bring back Ramsay just shut it all down.

As they line up Ramsay asks why Robert won’t look him in the eye and Robert said it was something he wanted to tell him in private. Giovanni and LA both were congratulated on how well they did and then they had to nominate 1 person each. Then Ramsay and Robert had a talk about how Ramsay calling him Bobby caused him to flash back to his bad father. Ramsay apologized and wished he would have told him earlier.

So LA nominated Andrea because of this service. Giovanni nominated Jay and Ramsay asked if someone else was close. Giovanni said Robert but he was a fraction better.

And then my Tivo stopped.

Both nominees made their pleas and thing Ramsay sent them back in line and called Colleen out. He said she had 5 bad services but she had fight. And thing he sent her home. I think that was totally the right call.

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