Hell’s Kitchen 3/19

I wonder if Carole is going to make it another week. Or if Jay will be the one to go. Let’s find out!

It looks like we are going with Tapas this week. The chefs are trying Ramsay’s salmon based tapas. Each team had to create 5 small plates from leftovers. They had 20 minutes to make them. But first Ramsay moved Giovani over to the red team. Lacey doesn’t have any ideas so someone had to give her one. The red tie ended up winning but just a little. The punishment has to set up both kitchens for service that night. The red team got to go to the horseraces as a reward. Lacey just can’t figure out what she is supposed to do. She is totally going to be put up if the blue looses. She feels that people are respecting her but then she asks what to do. She threatened to leave again. They said go if you need to go and she went. What really got me is when she was talking about how she is treated like a donkey and then she is supposed to help them. “Help them”?!?!?! Isn’t she doing it for herself? She came back but…

Then we open. The rice that Jay made for everyone was mush so they had to start over on the rice. Then Jay and LA just seemed to be sleepwalking. Jay finally screwed up to the point that Ramsay tossed him. Then Jay left, he really packed up and left. Then Ramsay tried to help the blue team reorganize. Giovanni has really become a leader in the red team. He is outside the girl’s bickering so I think he is taken more seriously. It seems Ramsay has it in for Ben next. Paula was getting props from Ramsay with “the best Wellington ever served at Hell’s Kitchen”. Now Ben can’t seem to get a Wellington right. Ramsay said he was aiming for Ben because he is next to go. I think Carole may take a swing at Andrea in the next week or two.

The blue team got told to go upstairs and each of them had to figure out who was the 1 person they didn’t want on their team. While Ben did mess up, Lacey isn’t a team player. I notice that Ramsay didn’t say pick someone to leave. I am figuring a team shake up especially since Jay left. All the guys voted against Lacey and Lacey voted for Robert. Ramsay called Lacey and Ben to the front. They both got told to get back in line. Nothing changed at all.

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