Hell’s Kitchen 4/2

Let me start off by saying how happy I am that American Idol is no longer leading into Hell’s Kitchen. After last week there are going to be some angry women.

We start a new day with a challenge. The challenge is to make 1 crab dish each. Then they have to decide which 1 dish they will put up as a team for Ramsay to taste. Ben feels pretty cocky about his sauce while they are all still cooking. Paula asks Ramsay to find a chinoise for them. That didn’t go over well. The red team put up Andrea’s dish even though Carol didn’t think Ramsay would want the shell on the plate. Ramsay said it was bland. Ben’s dish is what the blue team put up and Ben did a long dissertation. Ramsay didn’t like it. So Ramsay called for Paula and Danny’s dishes. He liked both of them. Then Ramsay wanted to know why those dishes didn’t go up first. In the end the blue team was declared the winner. The red team has to wonder that if they would have put up Paula’s dish against Ben if they would have won. The punishment it cleaning the dorm and clean the crabs for the next night’s crabs. The blue team won a day at Santa Monica. The guys got to race about on Segways.

This service each team is designing their own menus with 3 apps, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. So they go off and make their menus that were weirdly similar. Ben came up with this poached halibut with pomme fondont(?). Robert is telling the camera how crazy that is and then says it sounds great to his team. The red team starts with bland carpaccio and the blue with salty soup. Then the person with the carpaccio came back and whistled at Ramsay, needless to say she got told off. There is always 1 in every season. Come to find out, Carole didn’t cook her French potato gratin (isn’t that redundant?) as a dish before service so they aren’t cooking up. Then she tried to blame Andrea and Ramsay wasn’t having it. The red team had to come up with something to replace the dish. Then Ben’s pomme fondont wasn’t really a pomme fondont and Ramsay made them do something else. Then the blue team’s meat was cut weird and it came out that Ben cut them. Then Carole couldn’t get things medium instead of rare. Ramsay shut it all off.

Ramsay had customer cards to help him decide a winner. On the entrees the red team definitely won. Danny alone was to decide 1 to eliminate. Andrea was a little dissapointed that they didn’t lose because they would have put up Carole. I think that Ben should go. He has the knowledge but apparently can’t apply it. Danny nominated Ben. I think it is the right call because Ramsay yells at him the whole time. But Ramsay did want to hear from both of them. Ben says he has leadership and Ramsay wanted to know if it was leadership that cut the meat. Ramsay said he was kicking out the person who sabotaged their team and gave up. It was Carole.

So now we are down to 6. I wonder if this is the point they become the black team.

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