Hell’s Kitchen 4/23

Sorry for the delay but I have been out of town! But lets get to it! Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final 4. Will Andrea go home or will Ben screw it up even more?

So Gordon Ramsay did the taste and make challenge. They all had to recreate Ramsay’s Fish Stew. Danny won but was really close to Paula. The thing that made the difference is that Paula used water as the base instead of fish stock.

The punishment is polishing crystal and silverware, cleaning the carpets and prepping the kitchen for that night’s service. Danny got to ride in a biplanes with Ramsay.

All through the punishment Andrea is seeming really beaten down. But my question.. Is she really or is it a ploy? Ramsay gave all of them sets of cookware out of his line before service also. Then Ramsay told them that they all were starting with clean slates. Then service started.

Ben was calling out the wrong order pretty quickly. But the first apps went out well. Ramsay was really cheering them on and then Ben had a little hiccup. Paula was being a bit slow. Danny was also a bit slow on the garnish. Andrea seemed to be rocking out the meat station. There was a marriage proposal in the dining room and things were going well over all. We get close to the end of service and Andrea can’t find 2 wellingtons. So Danny and Paula go and make 2 wellingtons from scratch (roll it in pastry etc).

Ramsay was mad that they didn’t perform 100% the whole time. He sent them all back to the dorms to come up with the person to be on the block. Ben says that Andrea should go because he is many levels above her and has run a big kitchen. Andrea said that Ben should be up. Danny also said that Andrea should go and said that she didn’t have enough experience. Paula says that ever station that Ben has been on he has had problems. Ben said that it is because he isn’t a line cook. They couldn’t come to a consensus. So Ramsay calls both Ben and Andrea to the front. Ramsay chose to send Ben home.


And then there was 3….

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