Hell’s Kitchen 4/30

We are down to the final 3! I am glad that we are finally rid of Ben. I think Paula is a good bet because she hasn’t been a problem but has been consistently good. But Ramsay has shocked me before. There was a promise of a treat and the preview alluded to people. Having watched all the other seasons I am predicting it is family or loved ones but I have been wrong before (I just don’t think I am now;).

And I was right!!! Not one of them seemed to have a spouse. Danny had a girlfriend but hmm… I guess it does make sense if you are going to be willing to pick you life up and move it. Now I predict that they will cook for them and the family will determine the winner. But that is just a guess.

Next morning and it is challenge time. They have to serve lunch to 100 “distinguished” customers. They each have 90 minutes to cook 100 portions of a lunch dish (tasting portions). Andrea was freaking a bit. The guests were chefs from good restaurants in California, all Zagat rated. I recognized quite a few chefs and restaurant names. Our final 3 looked as if they might wet themselves and I don’t blame them. 76% of the chefs disliked Danny’s dish. Over 76% chose Paula as the best!

Paula is getting the full Hollywood treatment and a surprise to come the next day. The punishment is in 2 parts. They have to clean up the dining room and reset it for the next day. The other part is doing the laundry and starching up everything. Danny is taking this lose really hard. The fun part of Paula’s win is that Jean Phillipe went with her. The other part of Paula’s reward was going to Good Day LA. Then Andrea and Danny got to clean all the screens in the dining room (which conveniently had Good Day LA on it;) and the floors.

Tonight is the final service before the finale so they are all going to take a turn on the pass. Paula seemed petrified as she took the pass. She failed Ramsay’s first test of the wrong puree but she caught Scott’s attempted switch out on the soup. She seemed to recover from her start and did ok. Then is was Danny’s turn. He also seemed to stumble at the very beginning. Danny didn’t catch the order test and he was putting apps on the wrong plates. Danny also didn’t catch the potato problems. He did seem to hit a stride. Andrea stepped up for her turn and didn’t seem to have any problems finding her assertive side. But Andrea didn’t spot the fact that Scott switched out dory with halibut. Then she seemed to go a little to far on the assertiveness. Scott was cussing all ways to Wednesday and it was not going well when he said he was going to punch her in the face. Overall the service was a success. We see such a small snippet of service, we have no idea who has done best on the pass.

Ramsay sent them back to the dorm for each of them to figure out who they think shouldn’t be in the finale. Danny picked Andrea and Andrea picked Danny. Paula picked Andrea. Ramsay picked Paula and Danny for the Finale.

I agree with his choice! I am looking forward to next week’s finale. But if Paula remains consistent I think she will win.

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