Hell’s Kitchen 6/17/8

So here we are for a gripping episode of Hell’s Kitchen. We have an amazing amount of women this close to the end. So will a woman win it all? Could we have an all female finale? I think the idea of having messy Petroza in one of Ramsay’s kitchen would kill him. So I don’t think he has a chance of winning but will he hold out a little longer? Let’s see!

Today’s challenge is to come up with a dish and cook is for 80 customers. They had 1 hour to make a lunch special. Prep was interesting. Christina was light hearted and confident. Petrozza was actually pretty organized. Corey looked like she wasn’t going to get anything out and is worried about running out. I don’t think Jen made enough food because she is talking about getting 20 servings out of one piece of fish.

Their customers were 80 very pregnant women. Jen was pretty confident because women “will eat anything”. Corey wasn’t done makeing food and she said she would be doing better if it was men and not “b****” pregnant women. Christina stopped by Corey’s table while carring her food to her table and went ahead and served there.

Christina- Island Turkey Sandwich with Curry and Avacodo (Winner by 2 votes)
Corey- Grilled Salmon BLT with Vegetable Chips (4th Place)
Petrozza- Monte Cristo with Ham and Turkey with a spicy sauce (2nd Place)
Jen- Grilled Grouper with Rum Butter Sauce and a Mango Salsa (3rd Place)

Christina’s reward was shopping in a boutique in Beverly Hills. Losers got to clean up after lunch, shine silver, over all cleaning the dining room and then prep. Corey and Jen are bitter because Corey isn’t big into clothes. Ramsay took Christina to Lisa Kline. So when Christina gets back Corey asks to see the clothes and when she went to change the girls were bitter. Then when she came in to prep no one would talk to her at first. Ramsay cautions them all to unite as a team before service begins.

Service starts out well. 25 minutes in the appetizers were flying out and then Jen messes up the risotto. Ramsay slammed Jen for inconsistancy because she pulled it out. Then we start with entrees. Then Christina put down the garnish pot and the handle burned him. He warned her to say something if the handle is over the fire and not to burn him again. Then she did. As entrees start to go out, Jen wouldn’t drop eggs for Corey’s scallop dish (and it was her job). She said she didn’t have time so Christina did and Ramsay said something about team work and Jen started to help in. To get Ramsay to not yell as her she put up John Dory that wasn’t done. Ramsay didn’t catch it but it got sent back. Petrozza is doing great except his station was a huge mess. Ramsay said he was doing the best of anyone in that station. I think Petrozza has to have gotten himself a ticket to go on.

Ramsay said the team needed to come to a consensus to who should go up for elimination. I think it should be Corey and Jen because they screwed up food. They all decide that they are going to each write down 2 different names to see. Jen cheats. So they end up putting Jen and Corey. Petrozza volunteered to go against Jen to try to assure Jen getting bounced. But they did go with Corey because it was more justifiable. Corey says she should stay because she did bounce back and she is team oriented. Jen said she should stay because of her passion and this would change her life and is a dream. In the end Jen got tossed. So the final 3, let’s see what will happen.

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