The Next Food Network Star: 6/15

I found this great well rounded recap. This is a Spoiler Alert, if you wanted to watch the whole episode before hearing the ending just keep moving;). I will add my 2 cents (well, maybe a whole nickels worth) after the recap.

So I am just going to flow through the episode with a few inputs from my 5 year old NerdPie! First, how did Jeffrey make bland home fries (fried potatoes is what we call it here)? You just add spice, it ain’t rocket science.

I agree that Kelsey seems really rehearsed. She might be able to work around that if she just relaxed her eyebrows when she is “presenting”.

Aaron’s Bacon Wrapped Potatoes is something we will definitely be trying over here in the Nerd House. I am just afraid that the Honey Scallion Sauce would be really sweet.

Jennifer has many grating habits on camera. She makes this sound repeatedly in the beginning and I am not sure how to type it. It is kind of drawing air while rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth and sounds kind of like ts-uh. Stop it! She also sounded a bit valley girl.

Lisa just annoys me. NerdPie was inquiring about her eyebrows. I told her to hush and be nice but I agree.

Kelsey asked who doesn’t like Sloppy Joes. Well, I use a knife and fork. It is kind of scary to have something in common with Martha Stewart. I still think that Martha showed bad form and was a bit rude to Kelsey.

Shane has to change the name of his sauce. Just drop the “g”.

Jeffrey what is up with the idea that you want a lingering taste that will last through tasting 5 other things? I find that a bit unappetizing.

I was embarrassed for Adam and his singing to Martha. But NerdPie liked it and thought he was silly. I think my kids would totally watch his show with me.

I do not find it shocking that Martha like pretentious Lisa and her “depth of knowledge”. The reality is that I think Lisa has a lot of information that I want but I want it in a different wrapper.

I think sending Jeffrey home was the right call. He just never seemed to really stand out in presentation or food. At least Jennifer’s food was good.

So those are my thoughts on this week’s episode. I will see you back next week.

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