Hell’s Kitchen Finale!!

This is it! The final part of Hell’s Kitchen’s finale! I think I am pulling for Paula but I must say that I liked these two finalists the best out of the group! We will see if the “sous chefs” will be the end of 1 of them. I have to say that I think Danny got the better group.

So they all start prepping and Lacey screwed up the creme brulee. I wonder if Paula has to keep Lacey? It might be better to toss her out. During the tasting Ramsay thought Paula’s fish was a bit dry but the second batch of creme brulee was completely screwed up. She has to rethink her menu. Danny got dinged for a falic looking dish and an under cooked poached pear. His pear sounds so good!

Paula’s dining room looked great and she was calling it it Sunergy. Danny was calling his the Velvet Hammer. I agree that it sounded like a porn movie. I am not digging on the hanging fish that he had either.

Then service began. Danny started with a loud group but Paula’s was quiet. Andrea screwed up the first scallops and Lacey tried cover it. Over on Danny’s side Carol was getting backed up on the apps. But apparently Andrea may be the downfall of the red team. Giovanni was being a huge problem and he says in the confessional, he doesn’t care who wins.

Lacey was lost on garnish. I think that Ramsay has to remember when he judges that even he couldn’t manage Lacey. The whole team seemed to have to get on garnish to dig Lacey out. Danny finished serving before Paula but not by much.

Of course they did the door reveal. Danny won!

I think they were both very good and I am sure that Paula will have a restaurant somewhere soon too.

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