Hell’s Kitchen Finale

So here we are at this season’s finale. Christina gets handicapped by having Matt on her team and Petrozza was handicapped by Jen. I think Petrozza shot himself in the foot a little because it was so hard for his team to execute perfectly.

I think it was fitting for Christina to win. I was in a discussion today with someone who didn’t think she had paid the dues in years needed for this. I totally don’t agree. I believe in meritocracy. If she has proven that she has the knowledge and can put it into practice, why shouldn’t she get the job? We talked about if she was authoritative enough. Well, I think she is but the fact she can fire people helps with that. Not that she needs to rule a kitchen in fear but for those who won’t respect her just based on her age, that is how you deal with them.

The other thing for her kitchen to remember is, if you do a good job there is plenty of room in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants for promotion.

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