Next Food Network Star Episode 6

So here is a simple 3 minute recap of the last episode of Next Food Network Star. I have to say that Lisa is definitely becoming more likable (and not just because of the comments I have been receiving;). I think that Kelsey is doing well but Tushman is against her because of her age and lack of authority. I think part of her authority issue is that she is short and the pinafore dresses. While those are cute dresses, they aren’t very mature.

I was a little blown away that Shane is out. I have a feeling that he will be picked up by someone, sometime and will be on tv again.

On the whole I think the judges were a bit tough this week. They slammed people from being to pushy with Rachel Ray or not dominating enough. It was very frustrating to watch.

Well, it is VBS week so I hope to post more later!

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