Hell’s Kitchen Keeps Burning

So here we meet for another episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Where we left everyone last week was Joseph calling out Gordon Ramsay. So will they fight? I think not but what I wonder is if Joseph is going to get tossed off the show. Well, lets get into it!

So out comes the security standing to Joseph’s sides. Ramsay says he has no repect and tosses him out. Then Ramsay gets back to the elimination. He asks for the nominees and why. The nominees were Lovely, Tenille, Andy and Tony. Ramsay tossed Tony out.
Then Ramsay sent Robert to the men’s team. The night is over and they are sent to bed. Only to be awakened by Scott and a fire drill complete with fire trucks. This is the lead into the next challenge. They have to work as teams to serve all the fire fighters a fresh pasta meal (chicken or meatball) with garlic bread appitizer. The first team done, wins. Before they can get their meals they have to have their appetizer first. So the women were waiting on Lovely and the men were waiting on Andy. Andy was only working in 2 ovens. 20 minutes into the challenge and no one had gotten bread yet. Ariel had to come over and take over Lovely. The guys were having the same problem of Andy not getting bread out (and I mean any) but none of the guys were taking over. The women got a lead by serving entrees first but then started skimping on the meat so they had to redo. At the end it was 6 tables left for the blue and 4 for the red. The girls were on their last table and then they got a plate back for a raw meatball. But the red team ended up winning! The girls get a spa day as their reward. The guys get to clean the fire fighter’s gear and trucks. Then they get to clean the dining room.
So Dave hurt his wrist while washing the trucks but chose not to tell anyone. Then Kevin rolls his ankles. So the medic comes to check out Kevin’s ankles and then Dave gets his wrist looked at. Both guys had to go to the hospital for x-rays and such. Dave got a slight fracture and a torn ligament. Kevin stretched 1 ligament so he got a boot. The other one is severly sprained. They are both sticking it out.
For service each team is sending out 1 member each to do table service. Dave volunteers for the blue and Ramsay picks Lovely for the red. Van is doing the apps for the guys and started them off well (except the yelling). Tenille is doing the scallops for the women and she starts off cooking the scallops in way to much oil. Robert asked Andy to help him with the scallops and then Andy was crowding a pan. Ariel and Sabrina are doing the apps but they couldn’t get scallops from Tenille. Suzanne tried to help Tenille but she wouldn’t listen to her. After a bit of a fight, scallops finally started flying out of the women’s kitchen.
On the floor, Lovely was way behind. Amanda was putting out some bad looking lamb. But Kevin was doing really well and was leading the blue team. Ariel seems to be emerging as a real leader for the red team. The guys were on their last table and Robert had forgot the salmon, which meant another 12 minutes. That gave the women the edge to finish first. But based on comment cards the girls lost by 2% on the satisfaction rating.
Ariel was dubbed best of the worst and gets to pick 2 for elimination. She nominated Lovely and Tenille (same as last week). Tenille says she is one of the strongest. Lovely says that she maintained her composure. Ramsay said he didn’t think either of them could win. But he kept them both because Joseph had to leave.
So will Lovely and Tenille be on the chopping block again next week? We shall see!

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