Hell’s Kitchen Premiere 1/29!

Here we are for a new season of Hell’s Kitchen!!!! I decided that I am not going to live blog this one but I am planning on snarking;).

Supposedly this year’s Hell Kitchen is the strongest ever. Well, what else are they going to say? They all suck?Or as NerdDad says, the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked;).

Some thoughts on the signature dish round. Robert says he isn’t a Shrek, well Shrek is awesome so back off. Mahi gone bananas? Sounds gross. LA did maybe a version fish and chips. Who thinks serving Ramsay any fish and chips that aren’t perfect is a good idea? Who runs even a recreational cooking school without going to school for it herself?

I can’t believe that they have to come up with team names. So it ended up being Saffron versus the Blues Brothers. How is Ramsay going to use this against them? Lacey doesn’t have any line experience and didn’t want to take a station. Did she not know what she was getting into? She even said she quit but of course she went back. Gee, I wonder who will be nominated if the girls loose the 1st service. Of course the dessert station Lacey had been working on wasn’t set up and Ramsay had to go ref a fight. I say let them fight!

Giovani couldn’t tell a customer what polenta was. While he is just a waiter tonight, that doesn’t bode well for his cooking ability.
Colleen tried to change Ramsay’s recipe. What is wrong with her? 1-Does she not know how this works? 2- Who does she think she is? Then she uses a dirty pan to make spaghetti? I would say she is on the list before she trys to make more spaghetti than she needs.

I thought the women were really going to rock it out until Colleen got on apps and Lacey screwed up scallops. I think we make see some dead weight to cut. But the guys are stinking a bit too. But I have to say I was shocked when the men lost.

I can’t believe that everyone thought Will was the guy to keep after he couldn’t get out the apps. They really wanted to get rid of Seth, who I didn’t think was all that bad. I wonder how much the team’s support of Will would effect who Ramsay chose. But obviously not much because Will was kicked off. Will was honest that he screwed up big time.

This season is going to be quite interesting. See you next week!

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