Hell’s Kitchen Recap!

I don’t get these chefs. 1 week they are decent but then the next they totally stink. So are they going to completely unravel? Will Robert be back? Let’s jump in and see!

The chefs come down to some big thing covered with an orange cloth. It is a dice game with letters on the dice. They will toss the dice and pick an ingredient starting with that letter. Then they have to make 1 dish with them all. The girls have rabbit, hariot covert, potatoes, garlic, and ham hock. That is a decent set to make 1 good dish. The guys pick haddock, figs, angel hair pasta, apples, tomatoes. This could be disastrous. Dave picked the figs because he went blank (ick). If the girls cook decently I think they have this in the bag. The girls break up the jobs but Suzanne has to tell everyone what to do. Then it seems the guys are pulling out a sauce with the figs in it. Ariel and Tenille couldn’t agree on Ariel’s garlic sauce. The guys actually ended up winning. The girls lost because the garlic sauce was to overpowering.

As a reward, the guys are going to Vegas. The other side…it’s delivery day. The girls are taking deliveries, scrubbing down everything, taking inventory, prep both kitchens and then the wine delivery. Right off the girls drop a box of lemons outside. The girls get woke up in the middle of the night to take delivery. BTW at this point there is still no Robert and the blue team likes it that way.

An hour before service Robert walks in. He is back and his team isn’t really happy to see him. While they were all working on prep Robert went to the dorms to eat. Robert has been told by the doctors to know his limits.

The new thing this week is that there are going to be chef’s tables. Ramsay is filling them with his exec chefs out of New York and West Hollywood. And then we open! The chefs arrived in the blue kitchen and Dave decided their apps without asking but at least he went over to wait on the table. Ariel didn’t go over to the chef’s table. But when she did, Ariel gave them a choice. The blue chef’s table liked the risotto. The red chef’s table thought the sear on the scallop was to much and it needed salt.

Van forgot to take the plastic wrap off the fish. Suzanne was running around the red kitchen but I am not sure what station she was at. Van had another plastic on the fish. Sabrina was cooking in a dirty pan. The blue team forgot to serve the chef’s table. Van told them(sort of) what the choices were and really did a horrible job describing or selling anything. Robert was really messing up the lamb both in cooking and cutting. Robert also put out raw rabbit. Poor Amanda got jumped on because she was waiting on Ariel to do pasta for the last couple of tables. But the guys aren’t putting out anything. Ramsay ended up shutting down the blue kitchen but the red kitchen finished service.

The guys lost. When the night started Dave had the blue kitchen ahead of the red kitchen in apps. So Dave was the best of the worst. Dave was trying to decide between Robert, Van and Andy. Then Robert layed into Andy and shockingly Andy handled it pretty well. Dave chose to put Robert and Van up. Then Ramsay called up Andy. Then Ramsay sent Van back into the group. Robert says that he can’t believe that he has to up there with Andy. The guys got into a little back and forth. How Robert does nothing all day and Andy does nothing in service. Ramsay chooses to send Robert home. Ramsay says that Robert had more experience in service and shouldn’t have had a service like he did.

While I am not shocked at all that Robert is out, I am shocked that Andy is still around. I think there is a decent chance he is the next to go.

See you next week!

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