Top Chef Vegas 8/26

I have to say that I was pretty impressed by the level of competitor last week. Let us see if it was a fluke or if the performance level will stay high.

Quickfire Challenge:
Todd English is waiting for the cheftestants with Padma. The chefs have to roll the dice to see how many ingredients they will get to use. Salt, pepper and oil don’t count. There was a real variety from 3 ingredients to 10. The bottom chefs were Jesse, Eve, and Bryan. The top were Michael V. (Bryan’s brother), Jennifer, and Kevin. The winner was Michael V. He got $15 grand and immunity.

Elimination Challenge:
It is guys versus girls as they do the bachelor and bachelorette party. Women are catering for the guys party and the guys for the girl party. The couple walks in with trays of shots. They want the food to be paired with the shots. Then the teams meet with their person. The woman is all fish but no meat but her friends are both meat eaters and vegans. The guys likes shell fish. This will be interesting. Each team has to have at least 2 dishes with each type of drink (there are 3 types). Ashley resents this whole challenge because of the gay marriage issue. Please, I wasn’t real fond of the sex store challenge in the first season. You are there to cook.

Ashley decides she has time to take on an extra dish and she decides to do a Bay Panna Cotta. Really? A panna cotta for a party? This is your extra? These traditionally do bad. Then we find out everything is going to be served pool side, read sunny and hot. Eve was having issues getting flavor into her dish. I think there is a good chance that Eve may go if the girls lose, unless it is Ashley due to the panna cotta.

Tom is sporting a little soul patch. Eve’s ceviche didn’t go well but Jennifer’s was a success. Robin’s mole went well. The lamb also was good. Jesse got a popular dish with her lettuce cup but the judges thought there was to much going on. Ashley’s first dish went well but her panna cotta wasn’t set. Tom says it is to bad that she served 2 dishes. They all liked the first dish but now they had to weigh it out with the bad dish. Kevin’s soup with crab went well. Michael made a goat cheese cookie with a sorbet that everyone liked. The guys seemed to have a lot more sweet dishes. Hector did do a tofu ceviche that the judges liked. Mike I’s dish didn’t go over well at all but Bryan’s meringues were a big hit. Eli’s tartar went well with his drink. But Mattin’s didn’t set well with the alcohol but the chicken wings went well.

First up were Bryan, Eli, Hector and Michael. This was the top 4 on the winning team. The winner was Bryan. Then Eve, Jesse, Preeti and Ashley got called back. Gail thought Jesse dish was muddled with to many ingredients. Tom thought there wasn’t enough ginger in it. Tom said that Eve’s shrimp was bland and the sauce was over powering. Tom said that Preeti’s tuna was almost cured because she marinated it over night and Padma said the shiso leafs were wilted. Padma said there was to much bay in the panna cotta and Tom said the bay was over cooked so it would be bitter. Todd said Ashley’s watermelon was one of the best dishes of the day.

In the end eve was sent home. I was right! So who will be next? Be back next week to see!

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