Hint Cards and California Flowers!

Who doesn’t like flowers? If you said that you don’t, move along because this post isn’t for you;). I was pleased to get a box with a delightful bouqet! (You might remember the flower I posted a while ago)

Flowers are a delightful gift for all holidays. I have to say that I don’t give them as often as I should or even as often as I have an opportunity. Flowers are an awesome gitft for birthdays, baby showers and just as a congrats gift.
According to statistics from the California Cut Flower Comission 42% of women don’t recieve flowers as often as they would like. So the CCFC has come up with a solution. They have these adorable hint cards. They are little cards that you can slip into someone’s lunch bag, briefcase or pocket. They say things like “Don’t let all of my hard work go to waste! -Mr. Bumble Bee”. There is also one for when your favorite flower is in season.
So how would you like some of these hint cards? Better yet, how would you like an opportunity to win free flowers? I will give out 25 sets of hint cards and then those winners will get a survey. By completing the survey you get a chance for free flowers!
Leave a comment here telling me who you would give a hint card to and how;)! I will choose 25 people ramdomly June 24th! Make sure that you leave an email so I can contact you!
(This is an FRN review)

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