Next Food Network Star (6/14)

So here we meet again. I am interested to see what this “holiday” episode will hold for us. I don’t think you will last long on Food Network if you can’t make it through the holidays due to all the specials that they do. Let us see who will make the cut!

So everyone comes in for their mini challenge. An editor for Esquire magazine is the guest judge and the winner’s recipe will be featured in the magazine. They are given typical “man” ingredients. They all seem to be a meat paired with an relatively odd ingredient. Like coffee beans, cereals, syrup, pistachios, etc. Jeffrey really seems a bit bewildered to tie in pistachios. It is a standard nut crust, right?
Then they got to do a direct to camera presentation. Eddie needs to not use lovely when presenting man food. Melissa was a bit of a mess and the food was bland. Jamika was smooth at the start but forgot her ingredients and so she froze. Jeffrey ran a little long because he just shared the food and not himself. Teddy and this mind of the chef thing bugs me. He seemed to yell a little so it was off putting. Brett seemed to be trying too hard and was also yelling. Michael never said his name (I had to go look it up) and ran short. It was a bit painful. Debbie seemed really pleasant and easy going. Katie was all about sneaking health and not tasting good. The winner was Eddie.
Our contestants all go over to Hearst Corp and Good Housekeeping. Giada walks in. The winner will get their recipe and a feature in Good Housekeeping (with their 25 million readers, wow). They have to do a simple, creative holiday dish. Eddie got to assign holidays to the other finalists.
Once everyone is assigned, they got props off the table to decorate. I wish Jeffrey and Brett would have been more literal. April Fool’s Day would have been great time to do a cute literal take. Melissa was a bit chaotic but I think Teddy and Brett, who were helping her plate, were making it seem worse.
Eddie: Valentine’s Day: Seared Ahi with Orange Ginger Sake Glaze
Melissa: Mother’s Day: Oven Scrambled Eggs and Orange Coconut French Toast
Katie: Earth Day: Roasted Shrimp with Cannelini Beans and Roasted Radicchio
Debby: Mardi Gras: Cajun Mandu with Country Rice and Black Beans
Michael: Halloween: Wonton Wrapped Tuna with Butternut Squash Salad
Brett: April Fool’s Day: Pan Seared Filet Mignon and Lobster Tempura
Jeffrey: Groundhog Day: Lobster and Chorizo Stuffed Avocado
Teddy: Labor Day: Surf and Turf with a Marinated Filet and Lump Crab Cake
Jamika: New Year’s Eve: Spiced Collard Greens with Sweet Corn Bread
Melissa did well both with the food and the presentation. They liked her but once again the comment comes up to harness her energy. Jeffrey says that spring makes him want Mexican food? Jeffrey’s presentation was good but the food was seperate. Jamika went to sex in her presentation. They liked her food. Katie started well but then she went a bit diareahal in the nutrition bit. They thought the food was boring as was her education. Teddy was a little much , to me, in the presentation. Bobby Flay said he was doing the “acty” thing. Brett did an April’s Fool joke that he was quitting. I thought it was a little dorky. He didn’t connect his food to the holiday. There was shell in Bobby’s lobster. Debby did well but not as good as usual. They thought the recipe might have been a little to complicated. Then it was Michael’s turn. He was really entertaining. Eddie came in with a magnum of champagne. He went a little salesman for me and stodgy. He also went a little to TMI on his first date. He also talked about cooking for women is different. Giada was a bit offended. Now I think that Katie should be the one sent home tonight. But we will see.
They thought Jeffrey and Debby did well. They hit Katie for educating and not entertaining. They liked Michael’s presentation but thought the food was to complicated. Eddie shared to much. Giada slammed him on “cooking a certain way for women”. Jamika did well with her New Year’s side dish and her presentation. Teddy’s food did well but that he needs to stay true. Brett got hit on the shell and that his presentation had nothing to do with April’s Fool. Bob said that he didn’t seem to fit food but that he just seemed to want to be on tv. Bob said that Melissa seemed to be hit by mommy mayhem. Teddy said that she should be able to do this on her own. Brett said she wouldn’t have been able to do it on her own. What jerks!! They helped her so they could use it against her here. I hope that weighs against them at some point.
The winner of the challenge was Jamika. The top 3 were Jamika, Debby and Melissa. Brett was the contestant who was cut. I think it was obvious that this was what he hoped would bring him to tv. Jamika’s recipe will be features in July (different than the challenge recipe).
So will anyone trust Teddy? Will Katie quit lecturing? Well, I will meet you back here next week to find out!

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