I am WOMAN, Hear Me Roar!

So NerdDad and I ordered a new tv!!! It is a 47 inch and isn’t here yet but there will be pics when it is set up! But I digress. Since we ordered it from Dell I got a call today. They wanted to know if I had gotten it yet and wanted to talk to me about paying someone to come mount it for me. The conversation was both comical and a bit shocking.

Dell Guy: “Are you planning on mounting the tv?”
Me: “Not now, maybe in the future” (at this point I still didn’t know why he was calling)
Dell Guy: “Are you a preferred customer? We would love to have someone come out to mount that tv for you with either a flat mount or a tilting mount.”
Me: “When we decide to mount it, my husband and I will probably do it.”
Dell Guy: “You would help?”
Me: “Well, I would assume my few engineering classes could prepare me for something like this.”
Dell Guy: “No, I meant the labor side.”
Me: “Well, I did carry 4 children”
Dell Guy: “That’s different”
Me: “Yea, its harder”
Dell Guy: “Umm, well”
I pretty much ended the conversation there. He was pretty dumbstruck at that point… The labor side, really?
Kind of a funny way to start my day;).

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  1. I would love to have that guy call me! I would rip him a new one, then mount the TV alone!! LOL!

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