I hate the makers of Army Wives!

Ok, not really but I just finished watching the Season 2 premiere of Army Wives(I love Tivo) and….

SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you are going to watch it and haven’t stop reading.

Going in to this episode we were told that we would be loosing a cast member so I was sort of prepared. We see all the major cast members except a couple of the husbands (we know they aren’t going to die or the wives would have to leave base). The bar owner is in a coma and I assume that Betty is going to be the “beloved member who is leaving us”. We saw all the wives on base except Claudia Joy who was banged up and taking her banged up daughter to college (which we knew was happening). Then less than 10 minutes to the end we find out the whole interaction between Claudia and Amanda is in Claudia’s head because Amanda is in the process of dieing. I cried, no sobbed. This show can already get to my emotions but this was sobbing. You know the ugly cry; snot, tears. That was a dirty, dirty trick.

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