In All Things Love

My heart is fluttering as I post this. Not because I don’t believe what I said but because this is me, uncensored. And I don’t know how these bold statements will be received by those closest to me but I believe it is true. I am always told at blogging conferences that I should be more of me on my blogs;).

We as Christians have a right to our beliefs but we are commanded to love. After I recorded this I went and cried to last week’s Glee. Love people…

Oh and the last considerate is actually supposed to be consistent;). I was a little flustered.

One thought on “In All Things Love”

  1. Similar thing happened to a friend of mine. She posted something positive about our state legalizing gay marriage and a very distant facebook acquaintance commented, ranting about how it should be put on the ballot to be voted back down. I like the way you put the issue about Christians, it’s why many of these rude Christians give other Christians a bad reputation.

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