Is eBay Discriminating against Homeschoolers?

I recently caught a discussion in one of my groups as a little known eBay policy.

Teacher’s editions of textbooks and solutions manuals that are intended solely for use by teachers are not permitted by eBay.

Come to find out, Amazon and (owned by eBay) have the same policy. Now, some people feel this is against homeschoolers. For those of you who don’t know, buying used books in order to bargain homeschool. There are 2 real solutions to this quandry. A)You can make your own answer key or B)pay full price. Personally, I think this is an unintended result of this policy. I truly believe this policy is to prevent student cheating. Am I being naive or are others paranoid?

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  1. Few things are more inspirational than browsing through your post here after a long day. Your fresh insight keeps me, and surely others, motivated and informed about Home Schooling. Don’t ever stop posting like this one on homeschool textbooks used, ok?

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